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In-person Sessions

After we do a more in-depth intake, we can schedule your hypnotherapy sessions. Each session begins with a chat to check in with you. We discuss what has changed and what you've noticed since your last session, and use that information to fine-tune the goal and approach for our work today.


Then, when you're ready to go into hypnosis, I choose from one of many induction techniques. There is no conscious effort now on your part. Your only job is to relax and let go. Your conscious mind will always be present and listening/observing during your session. You are very relaxed, but always safe and in control.


While we talk about allowing yourself to "drift deeper" into hypnosis, the depth of your hypnotic trance does not determine how effective your session will be. When you become accustomed to relaxing into a state of hypnosis, you tend to go deeper and more quickly into trance. But your subconscious always "dials in" the right depth of trance for you. A session in which you experience a light trance can be just as effective as one in which very deep into trance.

While you are in a comfortable state of hypnosis, I facilitate with techniques and suggestions to help you shift and update to achieve your goal. When the session is complete, I bring you gently back to full conscious awareness. Most clients report feeling rested and refreshed after a session. 

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