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My Approach

As I have mentioned in other parts of this site, hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we all experience multiple times each day, most often without realizing it. When we choose to purposefully go into a state of hypnosis, it becomes a powerful tool that allows unique access to our subconscious mind. In this state clients discover and learn to direct their inner creative abilities to transform thought patterns or behavior patterns that aren't serving them, achieve goals, develop motivation, get better sleep, lower stress, and more. Hypnosis can produce extraordinary levels of relaxation of mind, body, and emotions. This state allows my clients to transcend the critical, analytical level of the mind and access their inner resources to update "old programming" that is no longer serving them well, or give a powerful boost to something they'd like to encourage.  It also often offers useful insight and information from the "inner mind".

My job is to guide, and facilitate for my clients. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis in that the client chooses to relax into a hypnotic trance, and (unlike the way it's often depicted in the movies) the client is always in control. Their subconscious will only accept and respond to suggestions that align with changes that the client wants to make. No Hypnotherapist can "make" a client choose, do, or believe anything that the client does not want and choose for themselves. 

As a knowledgeable and experienced Hypnotherapist, my work is completely client-centered. My gift is the ability to "tune in" to my client and create sessions specifically for them. I assist clients as they hone in on their goal, often helping them determine what they *do* want versus what they want to stop doing/thinking/feeling. I assist them in pinpointing any barriers they have noticed when they have tried to achieve this goal in the past. Using the client's own powerful words, I create the most useful and effective suggestions to achieve their goal.

In each session I guide my client into a comfortable state of hypnosis. (Although after one or two sessions, once a client's conscious mind realizes that hypnosis is familiar, pleasant, and safe, they tend to go into hypnosis more and more readily on their own shortly after I begin the induction. Our brains and bodies love hypnosis.) Once a client is relaxed into hypnosis, I guide and facilitate with them through whatever hypnotic process or methods are most appropriate to help to meet their goal. While complete resolution is not always immediate, each session creates noticeable changes and builds on the previous session toward meaningful, lasting change.

Hypnotherapy is by nature a brief intervention. I begin with a free consultation. If we both agree that my work is a good fit for your current goal, I then do a more in-depth intake that allows me to tailor your sessions to be most effective for you, now. I do a minimum of 4 sessions (maximum of 6-8) for any individual goal. Of those 4 sessions, I record audio of one session that my client can use on their own to continue to support and strengthen the changes they've made. The recording can also be useful to go back in to trance anytime down the road they feel they might need a "refresh".


I encourage all of my clients to begin a simple, regular self-hypnosis practice. This has many of it's own amazing benefits.

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