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Self Hypnosis Workshops

Join Certified Hypnotherapist Bridget O’Connor for a 2 part Self Hypnosis workshop 

Hypnosis is a pleasant, relaxed, natural state; one we have all experienced many times whether we are aware of it or not. Regardless of what you may have heard or seen on TV and movies or read in novels, hypnotic trance is not unconsciousness. No one can be made to accept any suggestions that they don’t like or don’t choose to accept. You are always at ease and in control. When we choose to use hypnosis intentionally, it is a powerful and effective tool to achieve positive personal change. 

Self hypnosis can help you to-

  • Change, update, and transform limiting beliefs, thought patterns, or behaviors

  • Create new habits

  • Support you in reaching desired goals

  • Improve sleep

  • Lower stress and anxiety

  • Improve memory

  • Increase focus and concentration

  • Improve athletic performance

  • Learn a new skill or language


When you realize this ability, when you utilize it and see clear results, there is often a major shift in how you see yourself. You gain greater ease when navigating new and challenging situations. You more easily update old “programming” that isn’t serving you now. Because you are keenly and comfortably aware that you can. Gil Boyne, a master hypnosis trainer and pioneer of modern hypnotherapy, referred to self hypnosis as a “key to your inner power”. 



In this small group workshop you will learn about hypnosis, how to hypnotize yourself, and to write effective suggestions to accomplish a specific goal. We will meet in two sessions, one week apart. This gives participants time to learn and practice the foundations of self hypnosis before crafting personalized suggestions to help achieve their chosen goal. 


Once you become familiar with the techniques of self hypnosis, it is a tool that can serve you for a lifetime. Each session includes useful relaxation techniques, informative lecture, and a group hypnosis experience. After each class, many participants report feeling relaxed and energized. In our second session I will provide guidelines as well as individual recommendations as you write your own personalized suggestions and a key phrase to accomplish your chosen goal. All techniques and guidelines I share in the workshop are provided in your packet, no need to take copious notes or try to remember all the details. 


I look forward to sharing the gift of self hypnosis with you! Bridget O’Connor, CHT

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